The Caribbean Child Research Conference is a regional event, covering a range of child related themes. The conference aims to share research on children, strengthen the network of researchers on children issues, and encourage research in areas that are often “under-researched.” The conference presents an opportunity for children and adults to examine the status of children and child rights in the Caribbean. The Caribbean conference is however not simply about children - it also facilitates the meaningful participation of children. Children participate by attendance at the conference and presentation on the children’s panels.


The specific objectives of the Caribbean Child Research Conference are to:


  1. Promote a culture of research among students in the High Schools in the Caribbean by facilitating the presentation by students of their research and awarding a prize to an Outstanding Child Researcher. 
  2. Promote a culture of research among teachers in the High Schools in the Caribbean.
  3. Recognize the work of child researchers in child-related research.
  4. Disseminate findings on child-related research.
  5. Strengthen the networking links among researchers of child–related matters; and
  6. Inform the policy formulation and implementation process in the Caribbean Region, through the published research findings.

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