The key objectives of the conference are as follows:

  • Energy resource development under fiscal constraints,
  • Bridging the knowledge gap between academia and industry,
  • Providing practical energy solutions for developing countries,
  • Improving health and safety practices in developing and operating energy projects,
  • Promoting financial structures that would support a capital intensive energy initiative in particular Renewable Energy,
  • Human resource development in the field of energy technology and financing,
  • Introduction of new technology that would support Small Island States energy sustainability,
  • Provide creative strategies to climate change mitigation and adaptation; an energy perspective and,
  • Introducing elements of the development of a robust local and regional regulatory and legislative framework for energy.
Conference Topics:
  1. Technology suitability and Improvement
  2. Energy Security; sustaining the economy
  3. Energy demand and supply modelling
  4. Climate change mitigation plan; the energy perspective
  5. UNFCCC; the Regional Opportunities
  6. Energy Health and Safety Risks
  7. External Energy supply and price security
  8. Fuel diversification; the real possibility
  9. Manufacturing and Energy Integration
  10. Energy Policy promulgation and implementation
  11. Energy Financing and Insurance
  12. Energy efficiency and conservation; quantifiable opportunities
  13. Regulation strategies; supporting competitiveness