Day 1 - March 17, 2011

Morning Session: Technology advancement and Climate change mitigation and adaptation

This session will address: appropriate technology and access based on the fuel source, load flow studies and interconnectivity to the national grid; energy resource depletion and the development of sustainability criteria; plans for the region's future development and advancement; the efficient development and use of the regions resources; efficient development and use of regional resources; reducing all system losses in transmission to the end-user.


Afternoon Session: Climate Change, Health and Safety

This session will address: energy production versus climate change; mitigation and the economics of climate change; the carbon reduction initiative and the impact on the economies; health and safety considerations for the development, execution and maintenance of  appropriate projects; and opportunities within the Kyoto protocol that offer project viability through carbon financing.


Day 2 - March 18, 2011

Morning Session: Financial Structuring

This session will address: financing options available for energy projects; implications of capital cost of energy plant financing; balancing the plant cost component for viability of an energy generation project; renewable energy development projects; the impact of oil prices on capital cost for new generation; the importance of timely project development and implementation; the cost of energy production; the cost of operating an energy production facility, plant maintenance, rehabilitation and re-tooling; the challenges faced by owners, investors and developers to secure financing from available sources and options and creative approaches to finance and execute their energy projects. 


Afternoon Session: Regulation and Policy

This session will address: regulation and policy required for sustaining a dynamic energy market; modelling and forecasting energy loads and prices; improving manufacturing sector competitiveness; developing an energy perspective that will encourage creativity during a recession or otherwise; structuring a robust policy and legislative framework as a social determinant that will meet current and future challenges; defining a vision and an energy policy for the Caribbean countries giving due consideration to the need for further integration, in order to enhance our global competitiveness.