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The Development of the Science Faculty at UCWI Abstract
Robert John Lancashire
Comparative pathogenomic analysis of human urogenital mycoplasmas Abstract
Orville Roachford
Interplay of two Hopf bifurcations Abstract
Kerry Clyde Cox, Bernd Sing
The Role of the UWI Port Royal Marine Laboratory in National Environmental Education Abstract
Chauntelle Green, Hugh Small, Sophia Davis, Suzanne E Palmer
: A method and results for the direct measurement of the calcification rate of corals under changing environmental conditions, especially pH. Abstract
Ian Muir Sandeman
Lentic Habitats in Jamaica: Productivity and Predator-Prey Interactions within the Macroinvertebrate Community Abstract
Zahra H. Oliphant, Eric J. Hyslop
The effect of thermal water inflow from Bath Springs on the faunal composition and distribution of benthic macroinvertebrates (BMI) in Sulphur River, St Thomas, Jamaica Abstract
An assessment of the Biology and Ecology of Sicydium spp. (Family Gobiidae) from Yallahs and Swift rivers, Jamaica. Abstract
Candiece Karima Duscent, Eric Joseph Hyslop
A study of the benthic macroinvertebrate fauna of high altitude rivers in central Jamaica. Abstract
Sashonie Goodwin, Eric Hyslop
Investigating Dependence of Electric Field Distribution on Building Layout Abstract
Mario Eunick, Louis-Ray Harris
A Glimpse into the Genetic Variation of Three Armyworm Species, Spodoptera exigua, Spodoptera latifascia and Spodoptera frugiperda in Jamaica Abstract
Damion Orlando Neath
Cosmic ray Muon flux and it’s relation to dry season rainfall over Jamaica Abstract
Lawrence Patrick Brown, Mitko Voutchkov, Paul Whitfield
Mapping Climate Change Impacts on Key Economic Sectors Abstract
Pietra Alicia Brown
From Magnetic Domains to Quantum Computers: Theory and Experiments Abstract
Marhoun Ferhat, Leaford Nathan Henderson
The Cytotoxic and Potential Chemo-preventive Value of Extracts and Isolates of the Jamaican Artocarpus heterophyllus (Jackfruit) Abstract
Isaac Jay Morrison, JeAnn Watson, Roy Porter, Rupika Delgoda
Examining drought and bushfire activity in Jamaica using the Keetch-Byram drought index Abstract
Candice Charlton, Tannecia Stephenson, Michael Taylor
Improving the Skid Resistance and Reflectance of the Road Surface using Crushed Recycled Glass Abstract
Kandyce Brown, Victor Douse
Crystal Engineering and Synthesis of Lanthanide Metal-Organic Frameworks (Ln-MOFs) using Conceptual Tertiary Building Units (TBUs) for Materials with Tunable Luminescence. Abstract
Zeyar Min, Marvadeen Singh-Wilmot, Richard Taylor
Rare-earth Coordination Polymers from Ditopic Carboxylate Linkers: Potential for Sensing and Gas Storage Abstract
Jermaine A. Smith
Move It to the Left, move it to the right. A SMASH-ing Hurricane tool for decision makers Abstract
Alrick Andrew Brown, Tannecia Stephenson, Jayaka Campbell, Michael Taylor, Arpita Mandal
The transition from dry “winter” to wet “summer” in the Caribbean region Abstract
isabelle gouirand
The El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phase and Tropical North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies on wet season onset dates (WSOD) in the Eastern Caribbean Abstract
Sheldon Hernando Grant
Assessing composition, mapping distribution and examining resource partitioning in the fish community of Salt River (a saline lotic system) Abstract
Tremaine Saschell Bowman
The effect of variations in salinity on the composition of the benthic macroinvertebrate community of Salt River, Clarendon, Jamaica. Abstract
Troy Liento Franklin, Eric Hyslop
Investigating Jamaican Rainfall Decadal Variability, its linkage to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and projections using PRECIS and CMIP5 Climate models Abstract
Christina Abigaile Douglas, Tannecia Stephenson, Michael Taylor
Adwalia Fevrier-Paul, Adedamola Soyibo, Nimal DeSilva, Sylvia Mitchell, Mitko Voutchkov
Effect of Haemodialysis on trace element status in whole blood of End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients in Jamaica Abstract
Adwalia Fevrier-Paul, Adedamola Soyibo, Nimal DeSilva, Sylvia Mitchell, Mitko Voutchkov
LETM1 mediated monovalent cation homeostasis regulates mitochondrial Ca2+ efflux Abstract
Shane Austin
Mechanical properties of the White Limestone on the Clarendon Block, Jamaica Abstract
Shavel Watson
Fabrication and Electrochemical Characterization of Rare - Earth Doped Dye – Sensitized Solar Cells Abstract
Leaford Nathan Henderson, Marhoun Ferhat
Past, Present, Persistent. An evaluation of Caribbean drought and its drivers Abstract
Rochelle Walters, Michael Taylor, Tannecia Stephenson, Kimberly Stephenson, Jayaka Campbell
Development of effective mangrove rehabilitation methods for Jamaica Abstract
Camilo Antonio Trench
Coral Reef Health and Water Quality of the Port Royal Cays, Jamaica Abstract
Kimberley Coore, Suzanne Palmer, Debbie-Ann Gordon-Smith
HotSpot Modelling with Reaction Diffusion Model Abstract
Keniel Peart
Traditional use of Annona muricata (soursop) among cancer patients in Jamaica and its anticancer potential Abstract
Kimberley Foster, Helen Asemota, Rupika Delgoda
Increased sea surface temperature on a Jamaican coral reef during the 2015-2016 mass bleaching event in the northern Caribbean Abstract
Marcia Marilyn Creary Ford
An Assessment of Jamaican Cave Fauna Abstract
Gavin Campbell, Eric Garraway, Eric Hyslop
Achievements along the way to Updating the Status of Dendrocousinsia - An endemic Genus of Jamaica Abstract
Tracy Marie Commock
Species Identification and Authenticity of selected Jamaican medicinal plants and their products using DNA barcoding techniques Abstract
Elaine Orthea Denton
Mineral associations of Cr and Zn in Manchester bauxites Abstract
Jheanell James
Water Demand and Supply in the Rio Cobre Basin in St Catherine using the WEAP model Abstract
Melissa Melonie Curtis, Arpita Mandal
The Ecology of Temporary Ponds at UWI Mona, Kingston Jamaica Abstract
Gavin Campbell, Eric Hyslop
Imminent, distant or unlikely. Evaluating Paris Accord thresholds for the Caribbean from a high-resolution regional climate model ensemble Abstract
Jayaka D Campbell, Michael Taylor, Tannecia Stephenson, Kimberly Stephenson, Abel Centella, Arnoldo Bezanilla
Dwight Melton Messam, Novelette Sadler-Mcknight


Novel Coral Restoration Methods at Discovery Bay, Jamaica Abstract
Peter Gayle
Novel low cost Image-based Solar Tracker via Maximum Intensity Mapping Abstract
Craig ORLANDO Rattray
An Ontology-Based Model for Mobile Agents towards Reducing Malware Activity in the Internet of Things Abstract
Anthony Olando Drummonds
Why serious games matter Abstract
Ilenius Korongo Ildephonce, Ezra Mugisa, Claudine Allen
Using Photogrammetry and Three Dimensional (3D) Modelling for Measuring Coral Growth and Mapping Coral Reef Habitats Abstract
Bernadette H. Charpentier, Peter MH Gayle
Improvements in analysis and optimization of Bismuth-Barium-Borate Glasses with the use of numerical methods Abstract
Venkateswara Rao Penugonda
Automatic Speech Recognition and Literacy: The Development of Models for the Jamaican Child Abstract
Stefan Phil Watson, Andre' Coy
Raylee St W Dunkley, Ian L Thompson
Modelling Sensorineural Hearing Impaired Listeners’ perception of Speaker Intelligibility in Noise Abstract
Lindon W. Falconer, Andre Coy, Jon Barker
An investigation of compounds and their bioactivities from diverse species in Jamaican Coastal Waters Abstract
Doleasha Davia Davis, Winklet Gallimore
Quasi-normal modes of non-commutative geometry inspired black hole solutions Abstract
Venkateswara Rao Penugonda
The use of Ultrasonography and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Technology to Analyse Junior Athletes. Abstract
Janel Sharla Bailey, Eon Campbell, Rachael Irving
An assessment of the environmental toxicity caused by the release of nicotine from tobacco products using Zebrafish as an animal model Abstract
Dawn Salmon
Peristaltic Transport of an Ellis Fluid in an Inclined Channel Abstract
Andre Alexander Small
Using Generalized Linear Mixed Modelling to Project Faunal Abundance in a Caribbean Dry Forest Under Climate Change Abstract
Kimberly Ann Stephenson, Michael Taylor, Byron Wilson
Yekini Wallen-Bryan
The Caribbean in Space - Can We Do It? Abstract
Louis-Ray Harris, Jevaughn Dixon, Brandon Campbell, Sean McBean, Michael Mullings, Lenworth Cooke, Michael Holness
Muon Detection and Range (MUDAR) for the Caribbean Abstract
Lawrence Patrick Brown, Mitko Voutchkov, John Charlery
A Generative Approach to Character Animations Abstract
Dayton Junior Allen
Towards Collaborative Motion Prediction using N-Gram Model Techniques Abstract
Paul Antonio Gaynor


Indigenous Interventions vs. Formal Climate Services? Exploring Climate Smart Solutions for Effective Drought Mitigation: Lessons from Clarendon Jamaica. Abstract
Sarah Fay Buckland
A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Crime in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago Abstract
Aleem Ibrahim Mahabir
An Analysis of Home Wi-Fi Usage using AQM-Enabled Routers Abstract
Dominique Delahaye, Daniel Fokum
Assessment of mercury exposure from using skin lightening products in Jamaica Abstract
Phylicia Ricketts, Mitko Voutchkov, Andre Gordon, Christopher Knight
Hindcasting wind turbines: Gust parameterizations used to estimate shutdown periods of wind farms. Abstract
Masaō Ian Ashtine
Solving the Lionfish Problem through Research and Innovation Abstract
Denise Chin, Karl Aiken
The use of the physicochemical and planktonic indices in selecting ideal areas in east Portland, Jamaica as Special Fishery Conservation Areas (SFCAs) Abstract
Dexter-Dean Sean Colquhoun, Mona Kay Webber
Activity and Infestation Levels of the Coffee Berry Borer, Hypothenemus hampei (Ferrari) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in the Highlands and Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Abstract
Ameka Natoya Myrie, Dwight E Robinson
Towards Development of an Air Quality Index for Kingston, Jamaica Abstract
Miguel Jude Thaxter, Michael Delroy Coley
Science, Art and Community: A Collaborative Approach to Protecting Fish Stocks Abstract
Dayne Buddo, Francesca von Habsburg, Mona Webber, Suzanne Palmer, Karl Aiken, Markus Reymann, Fabian Kyne, Machel Donegan, Denise Henry, Dee Kyne
Dispersion of a solute in Casson fluid flow under the influence of external body acceleration Abstract
Ajani Ausaru
Is the abstract nature of thermodynamics responsible for the conceptual difficulties that students face? – A Cave Hill Study Abstract
Zhané Bridgeman-Maxwell
On cubic difference equations with variable coefficients and fading stochastic perturbations. Abstract
Ricardo Alexander Baccas
Abigail Tamara Richards, Stivaly Paulino, Kadane Coates, Rosanno Green, Debbie-Ann Gordon-Smith
Examining Perceived Stress, Anxiety and Athletics Performance in Junior Track and Field Athletes Abstract
Eon Campbell, Rachael Irving, Wendel Abel, Lowell Dilworth, Janel Bailey
Video-based Non-contact Heart Rate Monitoring by Reflectance Photoplethysmography Abstract
Ozzy King, Andre Coy, Mitko Voutchkov
An in depth investigation into Jamaica’s Wave Energy Resources using Buoy, Altimetric and Modelled Data Abstract
Alton Patrick Daley
Limitations to the selection of suitable sites for landfills in Jamaica Abstract
Sherene Andrea James-Williamson, Stephanie Yolan Parker
The Use of Camera Trap Technology for monitoring the behaviour of the invasive Indian Mongoose as a component of invasive species management Abstract
Damion Laren Whyte, Eric Garraway
Decision Support System (CRICDeSS) for Selecting an ODI Cricket Team Abstract
Alton Bodley
Novel Proton Conducting Polymer Electrolytes based on a Fluorinated Polymer for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Abstract
Marisa Singh, Indra Haraksingh
“One Health, One Caribbean, One Love” – Addressing Caribbean Health Issues Through A One Health Approach Abstract
Chandra Degia, Adana Mahase-Gibson, Christopher Oura
Comparison of cytotoxicity of the RLY2 Extract in Androgen Sensitive and Insensitive Prostate Cancer cell lines Abstract
Sasha-Gay Wright, William Aiken, Helen Asemota
The hypotensive properties of synthesized copper complexes of di-2-pyridyl ketone semicarbazone Abstract
Keaton Logan, Mark Lawrence, Mohammed Bakir, Chukwuemeka Nwokocha, Helen Asemota
The Effect of Extracted bioactive material from Dioscorea alata cv. White Yam tuber on Prostate and Breast Cancer cells Abstract
Kenroy Wallace, Wesley Gray, Helen Asemota
The Use of Metallic semicarbazone Complexes in the Management of type 2 Diabetes Abstract
Lowen Williams, Mohammed Bakir, Donovan McGrowder, Helen Asemota
The Biochemical Effects of Biomagnetic Therapy on Type II Diabetic Rats Abstract
Melisa Williams, Chukwuemeka Nwokocha, Mitko Voutchkov, Donovan McGrowder, Elvira Williams, Helen Asemota
New approaches to controlling the coffee leaf rust disease by farmers in the Blue Mountain Abstract
Nikolai Lutas, Cliff Riley, Elizabeth Johnson, Helen Asemota
Investigations into the anti-hypercholesterolemic properties of innovative products from the bio-materials of Jamaican Cannabis varieties Abstract
Princess Bell, Denise Eldemire-Shearer, Winston De La Haye, Wayne Mclaughlin, Helen Asemota
No more horsing around: Captive breeding and rearing of the longsnout seahorse Hippocampus reidi in Jamaica Abstract
Sophia Davis, Karl Aiken, Mona Webber
The Role of Research Managers as “Helpful Intermediaries” in Achieving Research Outcomes Abstract
Paul W Ivey
Policy Recommendations for Cleaner and More Efficient Transport Fuels and Vehicles for Jamaica Abstract
Ruth Hyacinth Potopsingh, Omar Alcock
Modeling Water Quality in a Low Order River System: A study of the Hope River, Jamaica Abstract
Mario O’Shane Christie, Robin Rattray
Ecological importance of marine heterotrophic nanoflagellates Abstract
Bidyut R. Mohapatra
Phytochemical analysis of Jamaican Moringa oleifera leaf extracts and possible implications for treatment of oxidative stress conditions Abstract
Racquel Wright, Lee Ken, Hyacinth Hyacinth, Jacqueline Hibberts, Marvin Reid, Andrew Wheatley, Helen Asemota
A Childhood Lead Exposure Assessment of Contaminated Jamaican Communities Abstract
Trevor Alexander Ramikie, Trevor Alexander Ramikie, Mitko - Voutchkov