Conferences@UWI, FST2015 - STEM: The Engine of Growth

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Kyle Hibbert, Jordan Northover, Simantha Hong, Andre Allen, Darienne Spalding, Paul Gaynor

Last modified: 2015-06-04


The modern world has seen society relinquish the ability to grow its own food, leaving the job to a select few. Additionally, due to the ever growing scarcity of resources such as soil and water, efficient techniques should be increasingly employed when growing plants. One such technique is Aquaponics, a system of aquaculture in which waste produced by fish is used to supply nutrients to plants, in exchange, purifying the water for the fish. Aquaponics is, however, a very involved practice that requires a level of time, equipment and knowledge that the average person does not possess. Our solution aims to make the act of operating such a system as effortless as possible. This is achieved through the automation of the aquaponics cycle as well as providing users with remote monitoring facilities through web and mobile apps. The home friendly system gives anyone the opportunity to grow their own food without much hassle.

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