In keeping with Millennium Development Goal 7 (MDG 7); i.e. ensure environmental sustainability, the University of the West Indies, on behalf of the International Network on Energy and Environmental Sustainability (INEES) is hosting the workshop: “Barriers, Drivers and Unused Potentials for Sustainable Energy Systems”. The workshop which is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), aims to develop M.Sc. programmes, in the areas of: Energy Management, Energy Engineering, and Renewable Energy and a module on barriers and drivers. This initiative seeks to promote international relations through a collaborative effort between the Caribbean and international entities.

A detailed curriculum for each of the aforementioned programmes will be deveolped using a multi-disciplinary approach. Academic professionals hailing from the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Latin America, and South Asia will lend their expertise to fulfill this task in an intense six (6) day workshop. In addition, issues encompassing technical, socio-economic, and cultural barriers for the production, dissemination, and effective use of sustainable energy systems as it relates to MDG 7 will be tackled. Other areas of discussion include: poverty and hunger (MDG 1), education (MDG 2), gender equality and the empowerment of women (MDG 3), as well as health (MDGs 4, 5, and 6).