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General Papers

Mobile Phone Banking and Micro Finance; Assessing Jamaica’s State of Readiness Abstract
Vennicia Scott
Spectrum Re-allocation Fee Assessment in Korea Abstract
Jungsuk Oh, Dong Hee Kim
Regional Harmonization of Telecommunications Regulatory Frameworks outside the European Union: a Case of the Gulf Cooperation Council States1 Abstract
Tomas Lamanauskas
M-Commerce Abstract
Animesh Srivastava, Mudit Agarwal, Divya Kumar
Using Ontologies for Disaster Recovery Planning for Enterprises in Small Island States Abstract
Lila Rao, Kweku-Muata Osei-Bryson
Closing the Gap: The Digital Divide in the Caribbean Region Abstract
Keston Pierre, Richard Taylor
The New Economics of ICT: The Regulatory Implications of Post-neoclassical Economics for the Information & Communications Technology Sector Abstract
Jonathan Liebenau, Paul Rappoport, James Alleman
The Case for Mobile Portability in Jamaican Market Abstract
Paul Golding
m-Government for Market Access Facilitation Abstract
Kim Mallalieu, Kevon Andrews
Critical Factors for Two Types of IPTV in Broadband Network Abstract
Masashi Ueda, Yousin Park, Yunju Chen
Analysis of Student Usage Patterns in a Virtual Environment for Learning Tertiary-Level Mathematics Abstract
Fariel Mohan
Emerging e-government private-public sector opportunities in the Caribbean. A Trinidad & Tobago case study Abstract
Odetta Alexander
The Role of Telecentres in Creative Communications: a Content Analysis of Telecentre Media Products Abstract
Arlene Bailey
Assessing Jamaica's ICT Sector Resilience in an Economic Crisis Abstract
Allison Brown, Richardo Williams
Perspectives on IT Project Success: A Learning Opportunity for the ICT sector Abstract
Corlane Barclay
Towards a Knowledge Infrastructure – Harnessing the Opportunities for the Healthcare Sector Abstract
Gunjan Mansingh
MediNet: A Heath Care Management System Based on Mobile Telephony Abstract
Permanand Mohan, Salys Sultan
International comparative study on e-claim in Healthcare Field Abstract
Daisuke Yamakata, Hiroki Nogawa, Hiroshi Tanaka, Masashi Ueda
Wireless Technologies for NGN in Emerging Countries: an Assessment for Latin America and the Caribbean Abstract
E-government: Facilitating Increased Demand for Access to Government Information Abstract
Claudette Thomas, Thelma White
Broadband Over Powerlines As A General Purpose Communications Infrastructure In Developing Economies: A Research Agenda Abstract
Maurice McNaughton
An Assessment of the Handset-Based End-User Research Process Abstract
Hannu Verkasalo, William Martin
How can you get more economic growth out of your ICT? Take care of your digital divide Abstract
Alain Bourdeau de Fontenay, Fernando Beltran
Interactions between Broadband Internet Access Service Choices and Mobile Phone Service Choices Abstract
Akihiro Nakamura
Using Wireless Technology for the Distribution of Lecture Notes and Resources at a University Abstract
Michael Hosein, Sharda Beharry
Demand-based Factors for Broadband Migration: The Cases of Japan and Thailand Abstract
Manit Satitsamitpong, Tokio Otsuka, Toshiya Jitsuzumi, Hitoshi Mitomo