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Innovation, Demand, & Competitiveness in Telecommunications: Implications for the Caribbean Region and Beyond

In the past several years, ITS conferences have provided an international forum for practitioners and researchers to focus on all aspects of telecommunications and related technologies. This conference seeks to continue that tradition. Its objective is to provide an international forum for the dissemination and exchange of information on innovation, demand, and competitiveness related to the deployment and use of information and communications technologies for a variety of application domains, particularly in the Caribbean region, but also in other areas of the world with similar profiles.

Papers are invited on the list provided below; however, it is not intended to be exclusive. If you are interested in submitting papers on other related topics that support the theme of this conference, we invite you to do so. They will be considered for inclusion in the appropriate Track(s).

In the first instance, an abstract of 500 words should be submitted to msbsecretariat@uwimona.edu.jm by 30th November 2008. This abstract should include the essence of the planned paper. Authors will be advised of the suitability of their proposed topic by 15th December 2008 and invited to develop the full paper.

List of Topics:

  1. E-Government and e-commerce
  2. Mobile applications and m-commerce
  3. Regulation and Spectrum Management
  4. ICT and Innovation for Entrepreneurship
  5. ICT for Disaster Management
  6. The advantage and use of Free and Open source technologies for the Developing World
  7. Indigenous technologies for the Global South
  8. The issue of the Digital Divide
  9. E-learning and the virtual classroom
  10. Mobile applications and m-commerce
  11. Methods and measurements in ICT4D
  12. ICTs in the Creative Industries
  13. Next Generation Technologies and Beyond
  14. National Innovation Systems
  15. ICTs for Hospitality
  16. ICTs for Sustainable Development
  17. New innovations in Information Systems for the Caribbean
  18. Policymaking and Regulations for ICTs
  19. Demand-driven ICT Applications
  20. Enabling competitiveness through ICTs
  21. Tele-medicine and e-health